Private Sale

Our services do not stop at sales through auction

and private sale and brokerage. We have also acted as jewelry consultants and buyers for many of our clients, helping them to find rare and collectible pieces through our international network for dealers and collectors. From hard-to-find signed estate jewelry to modern-day classics like diamond studs and bracelets, cuff links, watches, gold bracelets, and diamond engagement rings, we can find any precious jewelry item a client may be looking for to add to his or her collection.

Are you looking for something specific? We can help you find it. Joseph DuMouchelle not only hosts estate auctions, we also offer private, individual sales for customers who prefer buying and selling outside of the auction arena.


We help buyers from around the world find the items they’re seeking

and arrange an individual sale. We frequently partner with appraisers, jewelers, banks, museums, and private sellers, so we can locate hard-to-find, rare and important items. Sales are conducted with complete privacy and discretion. To learn more about private sales transactions, contact one of our specialists at (800) 475-GEMS (4367) or