Sell via Auction


Joseph DuMouchelle is perhaps best known for selling

estate items via auction. Our family has hosted specialty auctions for more than 85 years, and we continue that tradition in a modern way. We were one of the first auction houses to hold Internet sales, and through our advanced online bidding system and a dedicated team of phone bidders, we are able to reach buyers and sellers from anywhere in the world, opening the doors to an unparalleled auction experience.

Joseph DuMouchelle holds major auctions

once each season, along with smaller specialty auctions often held in between the larger sales. For sellers, this means that you can connect with high-end buyers without having to wait many months for an auction. Additionally, our fees are far more affordable than those for large auction houses. For buyers, it allows for more frequent opportunities to buy rare and unique items.


Art Deco, 13.88ct fancy vivid yellow diamond ring. Sold for $1,062,500.


We accept bids via online, telephone,

and absentee form submission. For more information on our upcoming auctions, please click here

If you’re interested in seeing the type of items we purchase and sell at auction, view them on our BidLive page.