What We Buy

Joseph DuMouchelle specializes in buying large diamonds, period antique, vintage and signed jewelry. However, we have an extensive buyer network with interest in a variety of items, including important contemporary fine jewelry, gold and gold coins, silver tableware and objects, art work including paintings and sculptures, furniture and other objects d’art. When you sell your items to us, we can assure you that you will receive the highest level of individual attention, expertise, and discretion. We can provide you with a free shipping kit for a no-commitment-necessary appraisal of your jewelry before purchasing it outright or consigning it for auction.

Fine Diamonds

From casual, everyday pieces, to extraordinary gems worn by celebrities and members of notable families, we have become one of the most trusted sources in buying and selling fine diamonds. Larger diamonds are always in demand, but we will also sell your one- to two-carat diamonds of exceptional quality.

Natural Pearls

The market for natural (non-cultured) pearls is extremely strong, with certain strands selling for well over $1 million. Since natural pearls are rarely found today, they are usually part of a vintage or antique piece of jewelry, and a vintage or antique diamond clasp is often the best clue. We specialize in the sale of these rare and precious items, and we have a very competitive market for them.

Colored Gemstones & Pearls

Many of our most intriguing and memorable transactions have featured beautiful colored gemstones. While there are always trends in jewelry, there remains a solid market for loose gems and jewelry items.

Precious gems such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds are always in demand, especially those that are not treated with any heat, oils or other processes as well as those of notable origins, including Burma, Kashmir, Ceylon and Mogok. One of our strongest sales featured a natural sapphire from the Kashmir region. There are also other gemstones, such as jade, opals, tourmalines, and aquamarines that have a strong appeal in the estate jewelry market, and they are featured in every sale.

Estate Jewelery

Estate jewelry from any era is our primary area of specialty. Whether it’s an antique piece or a mid-century modern design, or even a more contemporary fine jewelry item we will provide you an excellent return for your treasured pieces.

Our years of experience in handling estates have helped us develop an extensive international network of buyers for jewelry pieces. This network, combined with a schedule of frequent auctions, provides maximum exposure to buyers around the world. These factors have built our reputation as a premier source for estate jewelry transactions.

If you have estate jewelry you’d like to sell, or if you have questions regarding the origins or identity of a piece, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you.

Signed Jewelry & Timepieces

Estate items don’t necessarily need to fall into the category of “antique” to be highly sought after. Fine fashion jewelry, especially pieces from well-known designers and jewelry houses such as Van Cleef and Arpels and Verdura, are not only in demand from collectors, but they’re also favorites of individual who admire their style and craftsmanship.

There has also been a resurgence in interest for classic watches and other timepieces. Collectors and single-purchasers alike appreciate their quality and longevity. Our buyer network includes many individuals who favor classic watches, so we are particularly interested in purchasing these items.

Art & Collectibles

The DuMouchelle family has a long, successful history in purchasing and selling art objects, including many exquisite paintings, sculptures, fine tapestries, and furniture. Joseph DuMouchelle is proud to carry on that legacy. If you have art or collectibles you wish to sell, please contact us and we will provide you with the best value for your treasured pieces.

Large Estates

Not only do we purchase individual pieces, we often purchase entire estates. This greatly simplifies the process of selling multiple pieces because you’ll have one single transaction. You won’t have to work with multiple buyers, and you will receive immediate payment. As with any of our transactions, you can be confident we will provide you with excellent pricing, service, and discretion.