Demand Continues to Increase for Fancy Color Diamonds

October 29, 2018

Fancy colored diamonds continue to set record prices at auction and in private sales. Yellow, Pink, Purple,Orange, Green and Blue. If you’re a gem collector, these are on your gem bucket list. They are rare and coveted by collectors worldwide. Defects in nature really. This is what makes them so rare. Blue diamonds are the granddaddy of them all. It’s the presence of the trace element -boron which shows up in the atomic structure of a natural fancy blue diamond. The 45.52ct. Hope Diamond is one of them. A fancy dark grayish blue body color. These diamonds are so rare that one can only hope to find one in the estate market these days and if you have one to sell- the sky is the limit.

For every 10,000 gem quality diamonds found, only 1 of every 10,000 represents the fancy color diamond arena. The quantity mined is not expected to increase any time soon. The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) commissioned a survey of leading diamond miners (public and private) and only 90-120 rare fancy color diamonds have been recovered annually over the past few years. In the pink, green and blue category, you can fit 100 rough diamonds easily into your hand or fit all the new fancy color diamonds entering the market each year into a single cup.

Fancy color diamonds are a little more complicated to grade. It’s not just the simple “4 c’s”. Saturation, size and visible color distribution are considered a layer. This is all added to the shape and represent the four basic layers (characteristics) of a diamond. Each component is given a grade on a lab report. Grades by labs are still “subjective” and with fancy color diamonds especially- seeing the stone and the various layers of saturation, undertone and lack of colorless patches can double a stones value. However, as diamond experts know, one grading report with similar grades can appear different from one another. Each person’s brain can interpret color in different ways and this impacts how an individual perceives the stones beauty.

As with any gem that skyrockets in price- there must be a somewhat limited supply, with an increase in demand, to feed the frenzy. With designers turning to this arena in recent years creating the demand, profit margins range for the diamond trade which include site holders, cutters and wholesalers and of course jewelers. It’s more difficult to comparison shop untreated, unenhanced colored diamonds because of the rarity and range of saturation of colors which include fancy light to fancy vivid and intense. For more information on grading of fancy color diamonds go to

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